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Roly poly cannon

Descriere Joc
Roly poly cannon este un joc gratuit pentru toate varstele, bazat pe fizica, tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa folosesti tunul pentru a arunca cu bombe astfel incat sa omori fetele zabitoare.Poti regla puterea si directia de lansare a bombelor care vor exploda dupa cateva secunde de la lansare.
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Jocuri Aventura
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Comentarii (38)
3or4uGKX pe 06 iulie 2015 03:03

They are all so artfully drawn which can be hard to find in new chlridens books. Think of all the little hands that held those while smiling and laughing. Such a neat and daydream provoking collection!
djfvPjTF pe 06 iulie 2015 02:54

Ooooh I just love them all!!! But I think I like the Roly-poly penguin best!!!! Thank you once again for the ccahne to win your freebies!!! Take care & best wishes,Revathirevachuta@gmail.com
ot1KC6zlp pe 06 iulie 2015 02:02

Oooh, they are very cute, but I'm going to have to say I like the gingerbread man best. You have been very busy Sarah, I'm sure it is great to be able to share all your news now! xx
ERog60RqKp pe 06 iulie 2015 01:47

Lesson #1: its physical obejcts all the way down.Before the introduction of languaes like C++ and Java the "object" in object oriented programming refered to physical obejcts. The first OOP language, Simula, was designed to simulate physical obejcts. Unlike Java style OOP the Simula style of "programs = physical obejcts with behavior" never caught on, and for good reason. Modern hardware is simply incapable of modeling physical properties like conservation and persistence.Projects to develop
M2kykm7O6sW pe 05 iulie 2015 23:27

Hey, we clowns have flgeines too. We don't like to be pushed around. How would you like to have to go to work with a large red nose/painted face and outsize trousers & shoes?
hhAIXHvjUrxp pe 05 iulie 2015 20:02

This is simply biaillrnt! My kid is always collecting stuff when were are out walking even on the way to the bus stop. This is a great idea for her and pretty much every other kid I have ever encountered!
1YMgOO5TG4 pe 05 iulie 2015 18:37

Yes I wanted to corifnm the wedding greeting was new, because i see her more skinny than in five fingers press conference. Her cheeks have gone .Eunjung looks fantastic, but canc2b4t lose more weight that fast. I really wish the drama help her to keep busy and thinking in her acting career and not in those stupid rumours.EUNJUNG e299a5e299a5e299a5
7dHpyWgFir pe 05 iulie 2015 15:56

I hope she won't lost more weight since she will start to film her drama, but when I saw this video she is more cherfeul and lovelier rather than EUNJUNG which is more stressful in press conference of five fingers. I hope she will be more healthier and to become the usual Ham Eunjung, the cherfeul, lovelier, happy and less stress eunjung. Nevertheless I still LOVE and CARE with her.I LOVE YOU EUNJUNG.xoxox
N4zJEUvyEgm pe 05 iulie 2015 15:50

That's what we've all been waiting for! Great pogtnis!
Rv7UrxRhgU pe 05 iulie 2015 13:55

Thank God;the Police has given T-ara much hopes and encouragement.Thank You to the 67th Police Department of Korea.Its a good sign for the World of K-pop.
7AZ5XGAC pe 05 iulie 2015 11:57

Even though the upadloed MTV japan show indicated october 29th but It looks like it's been recorded some time back probably during their DBD promotions. RHY is no longer in the group.
tXzKE3KV9K7c pe 05 iulie 2015 11:39

I'm happy when i see they were so happy on perform yerdastey and Eunjung looked so beautiful, Jiyeon had new hair style ?? but there's not Soyeon ?? T-ara fighting !!
2HfR0gIyb pe 05 iulie 2015 10:32

Wow, I'm glad to see them again. I'm so missing them epescially Eunjung. Are they going to have a comeback in December? Also where's Soyeon? Who sang her parts?.
BCpaqxRX pe 05 iulie 2015 07:42

may recall I rnecetly photographed Faith and her pups for my 52 week project, well two of the pups, Lilly and Willow had another photo-shoot this week, these girls are growing
8WqFt7yAK pe 05 iulie 2015 07:26

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beIkbFGk5 pe 05 iulie 2015 07:26

I would love to find a job involving dogs and am loonikg for something unique. I've already checked out starting a doggie day care, dog training unit and even looked into selling home make doggie treats on line. Does anyone have any unique or different ideas? Thanks.
RJYwrhwnFYYj pe 05 iulie 2015 07:22

I'm thinking about getnitg a home dog trainer. How much does it usually cost? I know it depends and the price varies, but what does it generally cost? I'm thinking about getnitg a trainer from barkbusters. Anyone heard of them? Are they successful at what they do? Also, in general, do these (dog training) lessons pay off. That is, are they even worth it/ beneficial? If it helps at all, I live in California.
aAHfhZlO pe 05 iulie 2015 06:06

You need something that is small and low in celroias. Also, if you are using them during obedience class you should get something that is soft so that your dog can eat it quicker. I can't recall the brand, but I found some all natural liver and cranberry treats at Petsmart and my dog loved them. I think they were only 1 calorie each.
zsLTayEbEs pe 05 iulie 2015 05:39

well if i was you id do a obedience class that way your triniang your dog and not some stranger i think hands on is alot better for you and the dog plus you get socialize your dog will be alot more dog/people friendly now if theres a real big problem you cant solve your self then call a personal dog trainer at a pet store the classes will cost around $100
c9yfQuDbMcWB pe 05 iulie 2015 05:35

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6JsdTF5lMPn pe 05 iulie 2015 05:09

In the cocmeipatld world we live in, it's good to find simple solutions.
x5ALEesppOGr pe 05 iulie 2015 04:21

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N3hxXWFl pe 05 iulie 2015 04:08

OMD Stu, mom read that very article yaetsrdey she loves the online Daily Mail. They are just so sweet, we also hope, hope, HOPE they find a home together!Wally & SammyPeeS: you were super cute as a pup!
Tlf6NNep38n pe 05 iulie 2015 03:12

I can see why the hot air balloon one is your frvtaioe! :)I may have to pick some up on my next order. I used the xmas tree tape for my xmas cards AND on some of my scrapbooking!! My order arrived today. I love when I see a purple bag in my mailbox. Everything is darling as usual. Thanks!
h2qSQFRYw3 pe 05 iulie 2015 02:31

That is a really good batch of books! And who cares if they are a bit beat up?? The imaegs are just beautiful. I've really focused on my vintage x-mas books over the last few years so that I'll have a nice collection to display eventually. I think they'll be fun to bring out each year!Thanks for sharing :)Erica
lFH14xqz0 pe 05 iulie 2015 02:09

I think I have told you this before, but when I was liltte I had a ton of old Golden Books, and I mean the really vintage ones. I just assumed my mom got rid of them. Recently, my sister and I were cleaning out some boxes of things we found when we were getting ready to sell our dads house after he passed away. Guess what I found? An entire huge Rubbermaid container full of my old books including a ton of the Golden Books. My daugher was thrilled, especially since she collects them now.
isXcaQC8 pe 05 iulie 2015 02:05

i agree with Kitty- the penguins ARE smiinlg! Probably because they know they're paper-and-string penguins. The robins are also adorable- please save one for me!
iulia pe 06 ianuarie 2012 16:07

est mui linda et mui bonita
cristina pe 06 ianuarie 2012 16:02

es mui bonita
iulia pe 06 ianuarie 2012 16:01

e foarte frumos
dogariu99 pe 13 aprilie 2011 18:25

nu pot sa fac level 10 sa-mi bag ****
mikayla pe 08 ianuarie 2011 17:49

misto tare
pauk pe 07 iulie 2010 17:47

Eu ToT SaMi Bag PuL.
pauk pe 07 iulie 2010 17:46

bob pe 28 ianuarie 2010 10:51

sa-mi bag **** de nivelul11
simina sipos pe 19 ianuarie 2010 17:29

nu pot omora level 8
amalia sipos pe 19 ianuarie 2010 17:16

tare da pt baieti
tnhaethja pe 05 ianuarie 2010 19:20


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Salvează populaţia selenară apărând baza de pe lună de un atac violent al extratereştrilor. Trebuie sa iti aperi baza de razele laser care te ataca.Fii atent, rapid si loveste anticipativ... insa ai grija munitia pe care o ai in dotare e limitata!!!
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Misiune pe Marte este un joc distractiv pentru toate varstele in care trebuie sa distrugi orasul cu bombele din dotare. Sa fii atent deoarece cu fiecare runda cobori din ce in ce mai jos astfel risti sa te lovesti de cladiri asa ca fii rapid si eficient!!!
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Scufundare - este un joc potrivit pentru cei care sunt pasionati de innot,asadar, pune-ti masca de scafandru,trage aer in piept si scufunda-te.Trebuie sa colectezi din mare cat mai multe perle, diamante si alte comori inainte sa ramai fara oxigen.Ai grija la rechini.
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