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Descriere Joc
Dress este un joc pentru fete din categoria Barbie in care vei avea ocazia sa o imbraci pe fata din joc asa cum iti place, poti sa o machiezi si sa o coafezi asa cum vrei. Daca te pricepi la moda. Imbraca cat mai frumos fata si fa cat mai multe combinatii.
Cum se joaca
Mouse-ul te va ajuta sa imbraci fata.

Jocuri Barbie
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Comentarii (19)
qAH1hnJ7ivNt pe 12 iulie 2016 10:49

I am working on a site for the Monto Landcare Group who are hosting the 2008 Queensland Landcare Conference in Australia. Imagine my excitement when I realised our small rural not for profit may be able to get some assistance in hosting this important event. Imagine my ditanpiossment when I found it was only for US not for profits. Is there anyway you can let us in? Dean
zxnbFjHRE pe 05 iulie 2015 23:52

Does it count if we just say how we feel about you instead of just your songs?Cause I fcirken LOVE you, man But yes, your music is amazing. Am I right, people? Yes.
aWM9VdqRAPL pe 05 iulie 2015 17:14

I think I'll wait for the Vincent and Walt set.NO WAIT!How about a black smoke and white smoke double set? You know one where it is made from fine gauge wire and catoed in plastic. You can make it form into any attack position. Ooh, and it comes with sound effects.Sorry I couldn't resist.
ldb9TWgtpPl pe 05 iulie 2015 14:51

Hi John, I must say that Ren & Stimpy is one of the 5 things that caerted my mind.For me, it's like the bible for a non-fanatic person, who goes to read it when they need to find inspiration or something like that.Bye.
RrzZjFLjI pe 05 iulie 2015 14:50

Mr. K,Have you ever thought about clioectlng all of the Comic Books in one giant hardcover of awesomeness? I think you would be able to sell a few. There should also be a Spumco coffee table book. Please consider these wonderful ideas.
LwXfBxOOo pe 05 iulie 2015 14:42

Great stuff! I still have my full box of "Sugar Corn Waste" that came with my Jimmy of The Future paint-by-numbers kit. I also have a few sets of the Palmer Cartoon paint sets that came out. The paint in them is dried up, but the packaging is aosweme!
0JUsh0vjp pe 05 iulie 2015 09:00

Yo, that's what's up truutfhlly.
DyXjfy0qK8 pe 05 iulie 2015 07:50

John, do you think you could tell us some more of the stuff Bob Clampett told you? I've seen lots of stuff on here about your analysis of his work, but I rlaley liked hearing some of the stuff he told you directly that you talked about at Ottawa. Thanks.
M21BIMklaOAu pe 05 iulie 2015 05:42

Hey JohnI couldn't find a way to email you but I waetnd to tell you I admire your passion for animation. You have such a unique style. I am a 24 year old law student and I watch these Ren & Stimpy episodes late at night on Nickelodean Gas and I think I like them even more than when i watched them growing up. I hope you find success in your future endeavours, and now that I have discovered this blog I will definitely come back and check it out again.
usHVDuFt pe 05 iulie 2015 04:36

... ^What are you, RACIST? Hate Canadians, do yee? The RCMP shall hear of this! Now step aside, son, ya botha me!I'm arranged witohut futher ado, yes sir, and a discount is in order too! Except witohut relish, ANDALAY, ANN-DAH-LAY!!!Jorge, wherever that came from, send it back there. >:PAnyways, I finally got to see The Bashful Buzzrd (by Bob Clampett c. 1945) last Saturday on Cartoon Alley. As I was watching, it reminded me of the post you did about it about a month or so ago. IMO, you
9Nh1s3B7O pe 05 iulie 2015 03:54

I shed a tear or two as memories of Men Dolls raced thorguh my head. And then I had a Diet Coke and was ok. But I shall miss the boys. Sometimes.
amalia pe 04 iulie 2014 13:13

ce urat e jocul yyaaaacccccccccccccc
aly>v pe 15 ianuarie 2012 15:31

naspa rau sunt de acord cu cristina o pwp
bibi pe 13 iulie 2011 13:00

nu merge la cmparatuti si nici la coafor
luminita pe 20 august 2010 09:14

e naspa rau de tot adaugati si voi alte jocuri ca de aia este internet...
adina pe 25 aprilie 2010 10:57

e frumusel. Uare de ca ceilalti au zis ca ie urat?Dar mai trebuie ajustat dar nui nimic.
cristina pe 14 martie 2010 13:41

teo pe 28 martie 2009 18:52

e najpa jocul zau
r6 pe 21 martie 2009 11:08


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Ajut-o pe Barbie sa se imbrace cat mai frumos, vei putea face cele mai bune combinatii cu tot felul de haine si pantofi pentru a fi cea mai frumoasa la petrecere.Tu te vei ocupa de partea de design al look-ului acestei papusi.Have Fun!
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Barbie dress up

Barbie vrea sa merga la discoteca dar nu stie cu ce sa se imbrace.Desi detine foarte multe rochii si accesorii aceasta este nehotarata. Ar fi foarte multumita daca ai ajuta-o sa-si aleaga atat tinuta cat si accesoriile cu care se va imbrace.La sfarsit ii poti alege si o coafura potrivita. Have Fun!
Jocuri Barbie
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